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The Best Onslaught Album - 90%

gretopi, December 23rd, 2004

First of all, Onslaught is one of the greatest U.K thrash metal bands ever although they weren't popular enough to attract worldwide fans.
Anyway, "In Search Of Sanity" is regarded by other fans all over the internet as the worst Onslaught album. And overall the first two albums are a lot more appreciated than this one.
In my opinion, "In Search Of Sanity" is one of the best classic thrash metal albums ever. The guitar work on this album is totally amazing and clever in the same time, and the vocals lines are so melodic and powerful. So you can hear this great combination between Thrash (Metallica's Master of Puppets) and Heavy/Power Metal (Grim Reaper) which produce a great harmony.
And I really can't understand how people prefer the two first two albums (Power From Hell & The Force) though the whole work is very standard accompanied by annoying guitar riffs and vocals line very similar to the early Slayer era.
"Lightning War" is my favorite track on this album because it contains some much power in it presenting speed riffing and complex thrashing elements. “Let There Be Rock" is a wonderful cover that was played and maintained very well. "Shellshock”, "Blood Upon the Ice”, "In Search of Sanity" are great songs formed by some amazing complex heavy thrash riffs and tremendous lead melodies. "Welcome to Dying" is one of those really complete songs where you can find anything you want from soft clean arpeggios to power riffs and solos (Guitar & Bass).
Finally, I wish I can congratulate personally the guys from Onslaught on this great effort and I hope to see them reunited one day ("In Search Of Sanity" line-up).