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Doom takes it over. - 80%

Obsidian696, March 21st, 2013

Onirophagus is a death/doom metal band formed in September 2011. The band hails from Barcelona, Spain. Currently they are located in L' Hospitalet. They are formed under the influence of bands like My Dying Bride, Ophis, Incantation, Immolation, Evoken etc.

Onirophagus blends a very nice version of "death" with "doom" to produce a brilliant crossover between Ophis and Incantation. They have induced pain-filled vocals in the songs along with some depressive riffs and huge barrages of blast beats.

Their music is build on a blend of slow-paced doom metal riffs and furious outburts of death metal in a sphere of painful and deep vocals. Their EP, Defiler Of Hope, consists 5 long tracks and one piano outro. It's a 34 minute long EP. Every song on Defiler Of Hope is a compositional challenge to the producer. The unique quality of this album is its appreciable organic sound that the producer has built into the final mix. This album oozes a very matured mix, producing a masterpiece in the death/doom metal genre.

My personal favorite on the album would be Incubated Wind, as the track starts with a very painful and beautiful intro and later enters into a sphere of sick vocals of Paingrinder, who grinds pain and provides us a with rich, textured, complex, and climatically-correct vocals. The 6:18 minute track provides the listener with complete satisfaction if he/she ever wanted to listen to a hybrid of Incantation with Ophis. On the guitar, Moregod provides us with, indeed, more godly tunes that revives death/doom back into the heart of measly music listeners as well. The album also provides us with the collaboration of Fiar (Foscor), Xavi (Decapitated Christ), and Von Pax (Barbarian Swords) on the vocals and guest Javi (Graveyard) on guitars.

All in all, this new band provides us with a perfect tone of old school with some really kick ass old school EP artwork by Cesar Valladares, bringing out the perfect theme of hopelessness in the album. They have restricted themselves to creating new metal rather than sticking to old school death/doom metal, which is actually appreciable. I personally love the band and would certainly keep a lookout for their future works as well.

After football, Spain has produced some awesome doom metal for us as well for us to fall in love with the country once more. Bearing the torches of old school death/doom metal in the newer times is really appreciable and Onirophagus is doing just a fine job. Good luck, brothers!