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Morte Incandescente fucking rule. - 87%

Swietowit666, December 29th, 2005

Morte Incandescente fucking rule. This comes as no surprise as Nocturnus Horrendus of Corpus Christii and Storm Legion is behind this band. They play raw black metal reminiscient of Sargeist in a way, but their music is much more dark and varied than the aforementioned band. The riffs are incredibly desolate and amelodic in the same way that Judas Iscariot is, but they sound little like Akhenaten's revered project in that their songs contain more variety and progress greatly from the stagnant 'Transilvanian Hunger' style of songwriting. With each release, they progress further within their style, making truly interesting raw black metal that pushes the limits while remaining firmly within them. An example of this is the brilliant syncopation in "Destruidor de Sonhos". I eagerly await their second full-length, "Coffin Desecrators", which I should be receiving soon. (100%)

Onirik play more generic, drum-machine driven raw black metal that is good, but pales next to Morte Incandescente. The music is tolerable and has its good points for what it is. Its main flaw on this release is its placement after a truly brilliant band. (75%)

I highly recommend this split for the Morte Incandescente songs, and Onirik is enjoyable as well.