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Firebirds - 85%

dismember_marcin, December 2nd, 2019

There's a new quality in some of these younger black metal bands, and I dare to say that One Tail, One Head is among the most promising and exceptional acts there. Or was - because sadly they decided to split up right after they released a debut album! What a fuckin joke. Anyway, there's a bit of amazing music left on the ashes of One Tail, One Head. So, let's give a listen to "Firebirds b/w Prowess", which is an EP released in 2017, as sort of appetizer to "Worlds Open, Worlds Collide" album.

Only two songs are here, but I am simply astonished by them. "Firebirds" especially is one of the best black metal songs I have heard in a long time. Technically speaking, there's nothing really new or groundbreaking about it, but the composition, fantastic feeling and eerie atmosphere, plus the dynamics and diversity of the whole track - all aspects of this song are great. It begins in quite savage and vicious manner, fast paced, aggressive black metal, whose sources of influence can be traced back on "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas". But it’s different at the same time. Noteworthy are absolutely amazing, ghoulish and possessed howls of Luctus. I really, really like what he does here. And there's also a thrilling part, which comes at the end, when all of a sudden the song tranquilise with a bit progressive motif. What an atmosphere, what a suspense. Yes, I absolutely love this song. Especially that it's all dressed in a very, very good production. Sound, which is clear and powerful, but somehow it does keep that obscure and filthy character of the Norwegian black metal. Fantastic combination.

"Prowess" very much goes the same path, with more savagery and fierceness in the music, in some way this song is not quite as fascinating as "Firebirds", but it’s great piece of black metal anyway. And this song is not on the album, so it’s exclusive to this EP only. And as an appetiser before "Worlds Open, Worlds Collide", EP worked very well. I had to get the album – and I did. What a shame then to see this band dead so early.

Verdict: 85/100