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Surprisingly Good - 80%

thrashtildeath22, April 23rd, 2008

Holy shit, an American band that pulled off some quality black metal. Not something you hear about every day. This demo surprised the hell out of me. I was expecting some half-assed Darkthrone clone, another one of the thousands upon thousands out there already. But Darkthrone clone this isn't. This is actually a surprisingly original, entertaining demo. The songs are written as a good BM song should be: repetetive at the right spots and for the right lengths of time without getting redundant or unintelligent-sounding. This is not generic: there are lots of little twists and turns here and there that seperate each song from one another so that they don't all blend together, and that also keep the demo interesting from beginning to end. In short, the songs themselves on here just work, and they flow very smoothly and enjoyable. The production functions well, too: raw to create that grim, black metal feel but at the same time not terrible and incomprehensible. Some bands don't seem to get the difference between black metal production, and straight up bad production, but these guys got it and it sounds just fine. Good American black metal is hard to come by. If you can get your hands on this, I would recommend it, whether you are a black metal completist or not. In fact, you might get it just by e-mailing the guys or something. Either way, definitely worth it.

Highlights: Journey to the Northern Lands, (Ride The) Firehorse