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Crystal tears is definitely their Master piece - 100%

Frederick, August 14th, 2005

On Thorns I lay is known for their constant changing style, but here, with their third album

Crystal tears; it really was a radical change in the OTIL’s style:

They change their previous atmospheric doom-death style to some gothic-metal: No more grunts, no more fast guitar rhythms, no more harp, no more oriental atmospheres, they now play some kind of atmospheric metal with viola, piano and organ sound which blend exceptionally well with the heavy guitars.
The mood is especially melancholic, introspective and meditative. Everything is so gorgeous. Their previous effort “Orama” was a total masterpiece, but “Crystal tears” is even better, despite the style change.

The beautiful female vocals by Marcela Buruiana and the Male whispered vocals by Stefano reinforce so much the meditative atmosphere of "Crystal Tears". And the viola melodic lines by Elena Doroftei are so majestic.

I really miss this line up. On thorns I lay music still rules, but there’s no question the Doreftei sisters (Viola/ piano) and the Marcela’s angelic vocals add something more to it.

The most outstanding track are certainly Eden, Enigma, Crystal Tears, Midnight falling, My angel and feelings.

At any rate, if you want discover On thorns I lay, this album is definitely the one to begin with.