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Omnicide - Constants and Variables - 94%

Edmund Sackbauer, September 13th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Independent (Limited edition)

Switzerland has a really impressive Metal scene for such a small country. I have discovered quite a bunch of quality bands from the other side of the alps within the last few months and Omnicide is no exception to the rule. While they might not have invented Death Metal the guys exactly know what the quintessence of this music and which factors make or break an album released in this crowded genre.

They do not spend too much time pretending to be highly innovative or bring anything new to the table. Instead they took what made other bands great, twisted and turned the elements around ant put the best pieces together to present a steamrolling piece of traditional DM.

Big influences can mainly be found in the US scene as Omnicide are combining the brutal yet groovy feeling from Cannibal Corpse with the more technical approach Suffocation are known for and add a bit of the dark atmosphere Immolation are bringing to the table. The riffing is combining traditional DM riffs of the Old School with some staccato sections and a few thrashy chords. The guitars have a very crunchy and thick tone and the lead parts are cleverly placed making each track stand out from the others. There is some impressive solo work embedded in the songs building a nice counterpart to the simple and galloping grooves.

The drumming is ferocious and very precise. The guy behind the kit is setting the stoic (mid-)tempo but has no problem to switch into blast-beat mode and turn into a raging a bull. Aggression is used as a clever tool helping to highlight certain sections and underline the rocking heaviness of the straighter parts.

Omnicide are clever songwriters with some of the tracks having memorable refrains without sounding too catchy or cheesy. Singer Dänu is a beast seamlessly switching between sinister growling and sick and slightly blackish screams. His delivery is raising the overall intensity of the music up a level or two.

The production is very professional and has a lot of punch. The mix is clear and transparent but also powerful and raw at the same time. To my ears there is not too much difference compared to the sound that some of their famous peers have presented on their latest releases.

At the end I also need to mention the cover artwork. Without a doubt this is one of the most impressive ones I have seen for quite a while. It is colorful and has a cartoony style without feeling cheesy or cheap. Overall this album is a real gem that should be discovered by more metal heads.