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Progress is notable. - 82%

ᴎostalgiʞK, June 13th, 2019

Is not the type of metal I’m used to listen, this band is really peculiar, but in a good way, they manage to make lots of truly melodious combinations on this album, from calmly clean guitars, to distorted potent ones followed by rhythms that are actually catchy. I can clearly hear the inspiration of Opeth here.

Sometimes the songs seems to be “southern” in little parts, even looks like music from drama movies, orchestras or music from a macabre circus as well, but still, the compositions are certainly diverse, since they may start doing some chugging breakdowns to proceed later to make lots of difficult riffs complemented by growls and a drum that seems to be played by a robot, he never miss. I believe that the bass is not a bass guitar, but a simple bass with no much distortion, sometimes it can be clearly perceived, at the end of the album can be truly heard a really groove bass.

The most hearable thing are the guitars, nice clean guitars, good acoustic ones too, dissonant chords, distorted indeed, but with perfect performance, solos are a common thing here, is incredibly how the rhythm guitar accompanies the solos so good. Lots of chugs you will find being escorted by the drum bass.

Drums like I said before, seems to be played by a machine, from chugs notes to blasts bridges surely played at the perfect time. The sound of this instrument is strong, you can plainly hear everything he plays, from tranquilly rock tunes, progressive complicated metal, lots of drum bass accompanying the chugs of the guitars and the bass, to extreme blast beasts.

Well, the sound of the album is really well produced, every instrument can be clearly heard, the melodies vary from metal/rock towards a pleasing ambient sounds, also djent to later present a former melodic, strange progressive death metal with bunch of breakdowns plus loads of complicated riffs.

Vocals are really pulled out, since they seem to be another more instrument being part of the band from time to time, from clean choruses to really putrid growls, the singer also use clean vocals, if you hear my opinion about clean vocals on extreme metal you will find that they are not any stuff I like at all, but! I certainly appreciate how the singer made that well those choruses and those vocals over all the work, but I have to say that clean singing is not a thing I would use never.

Lyrics represents something painful and esoteric stuffs too, they seem to speak about something that can be perceptible only by the perspective of the singer, there's not a clear or an actual message, or maybe it is, but they contain multiple meanings, I felt I was reading something about travelling being under effects on drugs, but in a melancholic way, not a good trip, on the other hand, track 6, 5 and 4 contains a woman taking part of the history, track 4 reminds me of the story of Romulo and Rowing, track 6 seems to talk of a broken home, and finally, track 5 seems to speak about a mother who lost his inexperienced young child when it was too late. This was my feeling.

The album cover represents something I felt, the album is totally catchy, you feel that you’re in a trip, every song is part of this journey from the arteries, my question is, where is the end of this ride? In the cover we will find some kind of an explosion in the background of the artwork, this could represent a wounded artery which is dropping lot of blood, possibly telling to us that the end of the travel is that.

Is a perfect album for relaxing, writing or for travelling, you won’t notice how the time of the album lasts. I totally recommend this.