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The Curse of Omen - 89%

PowerMetalGuardian, March 17th, 2003

This album opens up with the self title The Curse, which quickly displays nice riffs and licks that resemble Iron Maidens style. The singing is pretty good. I would say it sounds like Di'Anno, but that wouldn't be quite acurate. The vocals are very low and growly at times, rarely going high. The riffs are very 80's sounding, definetly baked by some Iron Maiden influence. Throughout the songs, there are harmonized licks that are very similiar to Maiden. For example some songs with this style are S.R.B. and Destiny. They use a lot of cool effects in these songs, like the thunder sound on Eye of the Storm. Also the demon sound on The Curse and Bounty Hunter. I think the sinnger forgot to change back into his regular voice cause the first line is sung in this demon voice! The last song is worthless, it is called The Larch, a minute and some of clean acroustics and a solo, which you can only hear perfectly unless you crank your sound all the way up. It probably would have made a good intro, but it ends the album!! There isn't that much you can say about this album; just an overall nice solid typical heavy metal album. Like they say in the song Kill On Sight, "Metal mongers to the very end/Metal music the power we defend." This album has a lot of cool guitar and bass riffs, nice songs, decent vocals, and overall great production (of course it is Metal Blade!!). Classic Heavy Metal at it's best!