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Yeah, I guess - 68%

Znarglaxe, November 16th, 2003

The biggest problem with this album, is the fact that you can tell the vocalist was still trying to figure out what to do vocally. His clean vocals are fine. They are "pretty"(tee hee). Low and clean, not too bad at all. But his harsh vocals bring this album down. They are monotone and they crack sort off. But enough bitching about his vocals.

The music on this album is dynamic, switching between a slow to mid to fast tempo, all while maintaining a mournful sense. There are some interesting melodies, in that they are simplistic, but they still get done what they are supposed to. The mood of each song also varies from almost poppy, countryish, whinish, to angry. Kind of like a nu metal fan (rim shot). Anyway, therre are some interesting female vocals on this, but they are ruined by the lead vocalist's insistence on putting his monotone bullshit into the song. The leads in this are somewhat bluesy, which gives a classic sound.

There are also some good synth effects, and the piano at the beginning of "Innocent and Wretched" is a nice touch.

Aside form all that, it is an okay album. I recommend it to fans of Doom who want to hear something different (though not necessarily good).