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United in Metal - 85%

dismember_marcin, August 14th, 2012

And here’s really cool split recording, which I got recently, this time it’s a tape, which presents four 666% underground, horrid masters of old school! It begins with Japanese motherfuckin maniacs from Abigail… Well, honestly I’ve never been a huge fan of either Sabbat or Abigail, I just don’t like their primitive offerings and these two songs confirm my opinion. Well, this is very primitive, Venom-esque metal, with harsh, screaming vocals and rotten energy. Not really convincing for me; OK, but not arse ripping. Radiation is in my opinion much better, this is really cool Slovakian (YEAH!!) band, which torments my brain with relentless and furious thrash metal. I like their riffs a lot, they slay! Also the vocalist sounds really great and the production is just brilliant. Fuck, I had no idea that there’s such a cool band in our neighbourhood country, good to know. I’ll keep my eye on them! And I need their demo, now!

OK, side B starts with another Slovakian old schoolers, Oldblood! And another great surprise, another fist in the face! “Metal Fuck” sounds like a Slovakian anthem for old metallers and I think bands like Desaster would love to have such a killer track on their album. Oldbloodhas also great, organic production, which I liked a lot and I think I would need to get their recent split with Hate Them All, released by OLD TEMPLE, as this band caught my attention, really! Bang your head! Finally the last band is Peruvian R.I.P. with two songs also. Both tracks were taken from their “Escape a la Muerte” EP and trust me, if you’re into this kind of playing, listen to those South American bastards! This is more traditional thrash metal, but very furious and uncompromising, fast as a shark, as they would say 20 years ago. Definitely if you’re into the old bands from this region, like Attomica, then R.I.P. will catch your attention.

So, to resume: this is really great split MC. I didn’t like Abigail so much, but rest of the bands are well recommended and the Slovakian pack turned out to be equally as surprising as killer.