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Galder Strikes Again. - 98%

Lunar_Strain, December 21st, 2005

Galder ( Dimmu Borgir, Requiem ) has always been the driving force behind Old Man's Child, writing lyrics, playing guitar, as well as doing bass, synth and vocal duties. Vermin is the latest piece of work from Galder, and it's beautiful as ever.

In Defiance of Existance was decent, but comparng it to Vermin is absurd. Reno Kiilrich makes, yet another appearance in the line-up, hammering us to hell like always. But, when listenign to the tracks on IDE, and then the ones on Vermin, there is a great difference between melodies. For instance, Reno can control himself while playing. Nicholas Barker beats the shit out of his drums, stopping only when need be. Big difference. IMO, should Reno have done the drum work on IDE, it would be different, but let's get back to the review.

Galder impressed me majorly with the intro to Enslaved And Condemned -- the first track. No, it wasn't the usual acoustic piece, it was the fact that right from the beginning, he adds an atomosphere with his guitar skills. You can feel the darkness grow while listening to it. The whole album features great guitar work, and Eric Peterson from Testament tributes on In Torment's Orbit -- yet another amazing track. Galder's ability to take riffage and make an atmosphere out of it impresses me alot. Even when the synthesizer isn't in use, Galder's guitar is there, and that is the atmosphere to which we grow. Once the synth kicks in, the guitar blends with it, and the atmosphere spreads. Beautiful.

The Vocals were nothing new, if not still impressive. I like Galder's style of blending Death Metal-esque vocals with the tradition Black Metal sound. They both seem the connect, and Galder does a great job of making things work.

The synthesizer is excellent as ever, nothing over the top as the previous review suggested. In fact, from what i've noticed, the synthesizer is rarely used. It comes in only during a Chrous, pre-Chorus, or , again, to create an atmosphere already attained. It's great to listen to somethign just as heavy, if not heavier, as Dimmu Borgir, without an Orchestra drowning everything out, and what sounds like eight different synthesizers in the backround. Don't get me wrong, Mustis is an excellent musician, but it ruins the songs. Galder impressed me the most here.

The Vermin album is great. Whether you like Old Man's Child or not, give this album a try. It's not bad at all, IMO, and to those of you that dislike OMC, this may surprise you.

-- Lunar_Strain