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Galder is a genius, pure and simple. - 90%

operaofdamnation, September 3rd, 2004

My first thought when listening to this cd was "The keyboards and everything fit perfectly...but can it stay like this?" Oh, my friend, I tell you it did.

Phantoms of Mortem Tales opens up slowly and builds...and builds...until it finally gets going, and it rocks when it does. The "groove" of Old Man's Child is definately apparent, especially in the drums of this song. The guitars are fairly decent as well. No Morbid Angel-style solos or anything, but the guitars are still great. The keyboards in this song are great as well, as are most of OMC's keyboards. The vocals, in my opinion are better than Dimmu's, so if you like Dimmu, you'll love this cd.

Hominis Nocturna starts out very well with awesome keyboards in perfect sync with the other instruments. This song, however, later, seems to kind of become non-melodic, then jumps back into a great riff. The vocals are the same as we've come to expect from OMC, so if you like 'em, great, if not, you won't like this song (or this cd for that matter). Drums as always are fantastic, with punchy double bass at times and great "drum riffs" throughout.

In Black Endless Void is one of my favorite songs on the album. Great guitar riffs perdectly mix with the slow but amazing drums and as always great keyboards. The keyboards especially stood out to me in this song because of the beginning. OMC, as I've stated before, has awesome keyboards, that perfectly combine slow, yet at times fast and complicated gothic-style sounds.

Unholy Vivid Existance is one of the worst songs on the album. To me, it feels too un-melodic for OMC's style, and feels too "thrown-together". I actually skip this song, or go directly to the "solo" near the end. Bottom line, if you like Old Man's Child's style, you more than likely won't like this song.

Passage to Pandaemonium opens with simply an amazing guitar riff and great, punchy drums, but goes into the un-melodic style again...then jumps back out when the keyboards start to get louder. It is my opinion that the drums need to be less obnoxious and the keyboards louder, because the keyboards are the glue that hold this amazing puzzle together. When the pace picks up later on however, and the keyboards start to get more noticeable, this song significantly improves. I would give this song a 75% out of 100% if asked. It's a good try, but doesn't do justice to OMC's amazing capabilities.

I whole-heartedly support the above review for the reccommendation of Obscure Divine Manifestation. This is a mind-blowing song, and is one of the best on the album. It has almost Hypocrisy-style vocals at times, and is a great change in pace. It also is one of the faster ,and for sure more of a well thought-out song than most on the album. The drums and guitars perfectly sync in parts, which creates an amazing sound that has to be heard to be believed.

World Expitation is a good song, don't get me wrong, but again feels too thrown together to be on the album. The bass needed to be louder, because at the parts where you can hear it, it is amazing. The growls in the song, however, prove yet again that Galder is a genius vocalist. I can't imagine how much his throat hurt after this cd...

Into Silence Embrace, the last song on the album, is a good outro for this cd, because it leaves you wanting much more. One of the better songs on the album, this song is great in that the drums and guitar sync very well (you hear me, Galder? DO THIS MORE OFTEN!!!) The keyboards, as in most songs, are great. Both driving and fast, they prove to be one of the backbones yet again in OMC's music.

Well there you have it. Revelation 666, while not a perfect album, is still great, and should be owned by Dimmu and OMC fans everywhere.