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Throw out Dimmu Borgir and listen to this! - 91%

Lord_Demonized, October 8th, 2004

After the release in 2000 of "Revelation 666: The Curse of Damnation" I’ve lost the trace of this band. That album was pretty good in many ways but it had a clear flaw: it was too similar to the sound and songwriting that Dimmu Borgir was using at that point. Just listen to "Spiritual Black Dimensions" and then to "Revelation 666...". It's almost the same record done by two different bands. Fortunately with "In Defiance of Existence" Old Man's Child takes a big step forward in his musical development.
Galder recruited drum monster Nicholas Barker –famous drummer of ex-Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir - and with Jardar recorded a very powerful opus of symphonic black/death metal.

The first difference between this and the previous record is that the songs are much heavier, with death-metal-esque palm muted and down tuned riffing, together with an intrincated synth orchestration. All of these come together with the drum clinic made by Barker, including a stunning double bass work, and very progressive rhythms supported by a fascinating use of the cymbals. Also, the bass - as always in this band.- is very prominent and possess a relevant role in the album. However, this work is much more than the sum of its components.

If you listen to the masterful guitar work in "Felonies of the Christian Art"- including a great solo (courtesy of Gus G. of Dream Evil) -and the epic (but not gay) synth parts in the second verse you will get immediately interested. Also "Agony of Fallen Grace" is a powerful anthem with some schizophrenic keyboards and very classic metal riffs. "Black Seeds on Virgin Soil" is the catchiest song, but it is also very intense with a nice intro and some evil riffing. There is not a single bad song. All of them are entirely well-written and can perfectly hold the high standard of the first awesome track. But for me the best one is "Sacrifice of Vengeance”. It is a dark and hateful anthem which invokes relentless guitar expressions with Death Metal influences. There’s also one riff that takes the same disonant patterns that gave MayheM their own musical personality.

However, along the record there's a lot of thrash stuff (especially in drumming), but it stills manage to show always a great level of technique. Definitely Galder is writing better music than in Dimmu Borgir. This release destroys and reduces to ashes the last two Dimmu albums. It could have been even better if he had just focused on OMC and had let those Dimmu-posers to drown in their trendy shit. But I guess Galder wants money too. I hope that he will use DB for money and OMC for the musical side.
Finally, if you like primitive, raw black metal, you should know that OMC is not for you, just go and listen to Burzum. But if you like technical metal with great arrangements you should give this a try.
Very Surprising.