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The true melodic black metal masterpiece - 95%

darkside93209006, November 9th, 2008

1997 is a magnificent year for black metal, there are many great albums released in this year. For example, the mighty Emperor came to their throne again with Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk. Nokturnal Mortum became a living legend after the release of Goat Horns. Enthrone Darkness Triumphant showed the crowning moment of Dimmu Borgir. Young Viking warrior Valfar showed his insanely genius to black metal society first time with Sóknardalr. At the same time, an album called The Pagan Prosperity was released. This album is a milestone of melodic black metal genre. It changed the melodic black metal music forever. This album also introduced a rising star to metal world: Old Man’s Child.

Unlike other typical black metal releases, The Pagan Prosperity doesn’t base on extremely darkness and evil, it doesn’t have the emotion of hatred and anger, either. Then why can this album still be considered as a black metal album? The answer is keyboards. It creates epic and chilly feelings, which follow the traditional Scandinavian metal style, just as many other Scandinavian black metal bands do. When you listen to it, you can smell the coldness of northland inside. This proved that, although old man’s child didn’t make hateful satanic music as Darkthrone and Mayhem, they still follow the roots of black metal.

Keyboard using skill is not the only advantage of The Pagan Prosperity. The most impressive thing of this album is guitar works. It combines powerful blacken riffs with lots of beautiful melodies. Two guitarists Galder and Jardar play perfect guitar harmonies here, I’ve never heard this kind of beautiful guitar harmonies and melodies from a black metal band before. Each song has its own special riffs and melodies, all of them are catchy and memorable. These riffs and melodies are not only the highlights of this album, but also the true models of melodic black metal genre.

The musicianship in this album is amazing, too. Bassist Gonde and Drummer Tony both do a great job here. They play their instruments in perfect way. Bassline fits with guitars flawlessly. Drummer Tony’s high quality performance is another successful part of this album, his drum beats is steady, just like a metronome. Drummer is perhaps the most important and hardiest position in a metal band. Tony proves that he is a competent drummer here.

Galder, the founder and front man of Old Man’s Child, has successfully let his name to be remembered with this album. He is a talented multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. He can handle every position except drummer. In this album, he plays lead guitars and keyboards, and composes every song. His harsh vocal is aggressive and hateful, clean vocal is solid. We can see his omnipotent musical genius through out the whole album. Many people only know he is the guitarist of Dimmu Borgir. With The Pagan Prosperity, I can confidently say: Galder’s own band Old Man’s Child is better than Dimmu Borgir, unquestionably.

Generally speaking, this is a perfect album. Every song is flawless and amazing. The production and album art are also very attractive. When it comes to melodic black metal band, people usually talk about Naglfar. However, after listen The Pagan Prosperity, I’ve found another band to watch. Galder truly shows he can make great music here. The Pagan Prosperity brings new fresh air to the old school black metal. It also frames the type of melodic black metal. The Pagan Prosperity is a good example of perfection. It’s a true melodic black metal masterpiece. Every metal fan should own this.