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Tchaikovsky Metal - 100%

Sue, January 22nd, 2008

This may be metal by a black metal persona from norway, but it is not Norwegian black metal. Its has elements of the genre, lyrics and a healthy influence from Old Man's Child's native world, but this is something else, something new that has never quite happened anywhere else. Like Master of Puppets before it, this album is beyond all other works by the band. Every single track functions as a part of the alien whole, every riff is a tune worthy of the greatest Russian classical composers, and it is all played at a pace that needs not outspeed Satyricon or trudge through a death metal anthem- It is the speed that John Phillip Souza tapped into, that heartbeat times two that works its way into your veins, and be warned: If you listen to this album in a car, you will end up breaking the speed limit.

It is melodic, so melodic that were it covered by Apocalyptica (Inshallah), it would sound to any classical analyst like something from 1875. But it remains hard, robust, tough and Norsk better than one would expect from the 'Hot Topic' side of Norway, capturing sublime moments worthy of Darkthrone or even the old Mayhem, and retrofitting them not for popularity, but for quality so outstanding that the popular cannot ignore it. If you want to let someone know what extreme metal can do and they have never heard black metal before, and are not ready for Burzum, this is what to play for them. It would probably stand in well for Edvard Grieg too.

But the music, the progression from riff to riff, the deepening cumulative rumble, the rough vocals and the occasional clean all come together with such poetry, the way Godfather did for cinema or Guernica did for art. It is as exiting to hear this album as it is to play with fire for the first time. A review can't state in words what music can accomplish in the depths of one's mind. Hear this album, and know the true power of true metal.