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Galder's Good Days - 90%

Horton692, September 14th, 2007

The Pagan Prosperity is a prime example of how great of a musician Galder was. His work on this album is phenomenal, be it with his vocals, guitar, or keyboard. His song writing skills are nearly unmatched in black metal, at least they were before he went to Dimmu Borgir. I think the best part of this album has to be his work with the keyboard as I was not expecting him to be this great of a keyboard player. We all know about Galder's great riffage and his good (but not great) vocals, but the keyboard is what stood out to me. Galder isn't the only great member on this album, however. Their drummer, Tony Kirkemo, is tremendously talented, and their bass player, Gonde, is one of the only black metal bassists I've ever heard who use the slap technique. You can actually hear the bass as well, which is a rare find in black metal.

This album is jam-packed with excellent melodic black metal. Ranging from mid-paced, keyboard layered sections (My Demonic Figures) to faster paced thrash-esque riffs (Behind the Mask). This album even features clean vocals, although they're very cheesy they take nothing away from the music itself. Probably my favorite black metal guitar solo is on this album as well, in the song "The Millenium King," which in my opinion is the best track on here - if you want to check out this album, listen to that song first. I highly recommend that song, it's great in all aspects.

The Pagan Prosperity is one of my favorite black metal albums, and guess what... the production quality isn't "grim!" If it was this album would be mediocre and receive a much lower score. This album is extremely catchy all the way through, and if you're a melodic black metal fan this is a must have album. If you're a Dimmu Borgir fan, you can see hear great Galder was before he went to Dimmu Borgir and did nothing but power chords.