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White metal?! - 63%

Funeral_Shadow, December 24th, 2004

A black metal release?! Ha, this might me the biggest oxy-moron, but it's white metal! There's nothing so black metal about this album (that is if you count the lyrical content, with its satanic-based ideas)... my wardrobe is blacker than this release! Wait just one minute now, that doesn't make this a sucky album, but it's not black metal!

What doesn't make this a black metal album you ask? For one, the most noticeable thing about the album is the guitar work. There's a lot of groove in the guitar work (think Pantera with Dimmu Borgir synthesizers and Abbath of Immortal doing vocals.) For those of you who claim, "So what if there's groove in the music dude, it's still black metal because of the synthesizer’s dude." Well new flash my friend... synths don't make black metal, so get your head out of your ass! There a lot of synths used on this album, but that just contributes to making the album enjoyable to hear. And oh yeah, most of the songs on this album are slooooow. That's really nothing new for OMC being they're not known for having blast beats, but some of the songs on this album are more like "groove metal" songs with black metal vocals. One good thing about the album though is that the production is crisp clear and I think the drums are tuned up a little too high because you can hear more drums than guitar noise. The drums on this album also need a good tuning I feel because they sound dim, but moving on with the songs.

"The Millennium King" is the only track on this album that is near black metal sounding. It's blistering fast with it's double-bassing and black growl screeches. Though, OMC had to screw up the song by slowing the pace down in the middle and adding some Metallica-like guitar solo. That just ruins it for the black metal sound of this song, but hey it isn't that bad. I just tend to rewind back to the first 2 minutes of the song to re-hear the "black" parts.

Black metal be gone with! Bring in white metal now, and it's on "Behind The Mask" that you can hear a lot of groove in the music. What happened to the black metal elements?! Well it seems like they decided to be like Khold and be experimental with groove-ish riffs and one-dimensional drumming on this song. The lyrics are pretty cheesy I must add also... "Who is he, where is he from?" Ha, the mask is you and "he" is from hell... moron. If I were you, just skip this track unless you want to anticipate the cool near end synthesizer break.

Here's another new edition to the rising genre of white metal, and it's called "Soul Possessed." The beginning starts very basic with riffs injected with alil groove in 'em. To save my breathe, this track isn't that great; as I said before above in the last song, anticipate to hear the nice synthesizer break in this song. It's the chorus, and it's worth the wait in my mind.

Finally, something good out of white metal! Next up is my favorite on the CD called "My Demonic Figures." Talk about groove, this song is filled with long grooves with a melodic touch backed up by synths. It's a very catchy track that'll have you humming the groove parts and for some reason, I get a romantic feel out of this track because it's so melodic with so many hooks in it. That's just me, I don't know about you, but yeah moving on [everyone staring at Davida Loca in a weird way...]

Be prepared for some crap now as "Doommaker" hits your ears with groove. This time, the groove isn't a good quality in this song because the end result is a sludgy, slop crap mess. This song indeed in a "doommaker" because you can tell there was no creativity put into this track. Galder probably thought "let me put some mediocre riffs together and lyrics about Satan and that'll be just fine!" Well, my suggestion is to definitely skip this crap for your own sake.

"My Kingdom Will Come" is more of the same that's on this album with slow groove riffs and catchy synths. It's nothing new as I said before, so you can get an idea how this track is. It isn't bad so don't try skipping this.

Oh boy, this is the worst of the worst of OMC I believe. What happened on "Return Of The Night Creatures?!" For some reason, when I hear this beginning, it sounds like a crappy pop-punk intro and gets shittier along the way with un-inspiring riffs and one dimensional drumming. The black vocals definitely don't along with this neo-black-punk metal crap... Good Charlotte would be so disappointed.

Finally, "What Malice Embrace" is a return to a black metal sound with groove injected into the riffs. This is similar to the first track; just this is a tad slower and doesn't have a terrible break into a long guitar solo. This should've appeared in the CD earlier than being the last track because this is the second best track on the whole CD!

This CD could be definitive to metal music - the dawn of white metal! This album is groove-infested with some black elements and is not the best work of OMC. Though if you happen to come across this album, don't hesitate to listen to it, but if you're looking for black metal material from these guys, don't look here. Want something new? Then this should be a good introduction to the building genre known as white metal.

Ear Catchers: The Millennium King, My Demonic Figures, What Malice Embraces...