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It's worth one song - 50%

Fifth_Figure, September 14th, 2004

First, The Pagan Prosperity is worthy of only one song, The Millenium King. This being said, I can progress with the review.

This album is basically useless. Of the eight tracks, seven of them are identical fillers, in other terms: shitty. The guitar? Where? Oh, they have guitar, but only one or two riffs. The same harmony can be spotted in multiple songs. Vocals, you ask? I can honestly answer: poorly done. It's almost like Old Man's Child tried too hard to make this album seem cool. In reality, it's not great, nor good, at all. These vocals are weak. The drums? Ah, yes. It's time to break down the simple patterns here. I believe Fenriz said once "Black Metal isn't about dominant drums, the drumming should just kind there." This is something O.M.C took to heart. Attempted blastbeats and the fact that the drumming nearly drowns out the guitars, that is, in essence, the breakdown.

Only one song, The Millenium King. I first heard this album in a record store, after which I nearly purchased it. Of course, the first track is setting a high standard, but this album is just a steady decline from that. The guitar solo in this song is the best thing that Old Man's Child has ever done.

If you want seven filler tracks of useless shit, buy this album. I'd buy The Millenium King as a single, if it had been released. Just that song, nothing else. This album isn't even black metal, really.