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Good... - 83%

The_Ghoul, September 25th, 2005

But not great. It's certainly better than DB's part of the split (I bought this as part of a split) but it isn't the best I've heard. The production isn't bad in any way, but it's kinda overdriven and overwashed at parts. The distorted guitar comes in after the clean guitar does this intro of sorts, and then goes into typical DB/OMC faire, with keyboards lining the sides of the guitar lines. The guitar tone is similar to that of DB's For All Tid. The rest of the demo concludes with this same formula, with acoustic guitars beginning the second song. The band also seems to love the 6/8 formula, which I wish they would stop using so much, because it gets annoying after awhile, along with Galder's vocals, which aren't developed, it seems. Overall, this music is a lot calmer than most of DB's stuff, and is akin more to Stormblaast after several listens, but with a more produced and active guitarist, along with better production and a few other differences here and there.

Conclusion: Buy if you are a fan of DB's Stormblaast and you want some melodic BM that isn't overproduced like DB's later stuff. Cheers!