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Not black metal! - 84%

Minion, December 31st, 2003

It may say black metal under genre, but the majority of this is, in fact, death metal. It kind of alternates from song to song, mainly in vocal performance but also quite a bit in the riffs department as well. It's decent, whatever it is, and even though these are demos, they still have remarkable sound quality. The production values on here sound the same as on Human by Death. The musicianship is superb, particularly Abbath's bass. Remember the bass on Psychotic Dreams? Well, infuse that with death metal carnage and you pretty much get this. Granted, it's not the most difficult stuff to play, but that kind of minimalism is all too common in death and black metal and it is of no concern. Furthermore, there are some really good riffs on here. They remind heavily of Obituary and early Death, with a bit of Venom thrown in for good luck.

The songs are pretty standard death metal, but it's played very well. There's some nice creativity going on, so that you never can really predict what the next riff will lead to. There are a lot of influences in the song and they connect really nicely. I was surprised to find death and black metal enwebbed in such a way. If you can imagine Venom meets Obituary, you know what this sounds like.

Highlights? Oh fuck yeah, tons. Actually, everything is a highlight, except for tracks 7, 8, and 9, which don't really do anything for me. Forced To Be Lost has some really nice drums, though I can't say much for the vocals. And dig that gurgling scream in Abduction of Limbs. That's good stuff right there.

Okay, so this is pretty much the most underground thing in existence, and I had a job even finding it on Soulseek. But I was glad I did. Old Funeral mix death and black metal like no other.