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This proves it... - 89%

DeathsColdEmbrace, December 22nd, 2003

This album proves that all of those over-the-top extremely tr00 and br00tal death metal bands can be bested by a band with horrible production and constant lineup changes. And this is just an amalgam of demos!
I don't know what it is about Old Funeral, but these songs just work. The riffs are killer, the drums are entertaining, and the vocals are chilling. Since these are demos, the production is that of black metal, and there are some obvious instrumental flubs and glitches in recording, but that just adds to the raw aggression this album offers.
The drums are extremely simplistic (the song Forced to be Lost gets my award for best drum fills ever...) but they just fit with everything so well, I wouldn't change anything about them. The riffs are brilliantly written, and I think it's this reason that I like Old Funeral so much. The tone is relatively thick for an old release, but it's as raw as Norwegian black metal. You can't exacly hear a bass, but it doesn't matter because if it was changed it probably would screw everything up. The vocals (some of which done by Abbath, one of the gods of metal) are, to be derivative, "raw and uncompromising." And they fit perfectly.
Some of the drawbacks are that the first half of tracks are alot better than the second half (with the notable exception of My Tyrant Grace) . That's not saying that the second half is crap, it just pales in comparison. Also, even though the lineup changed three times on one "album," the song structure and style doesn't change one bit. It's not bad, but it makes the album seem to drag a bit towards the end. Regardless, this album is essential to anyone who wants to brush up on the roots of black or death metal.