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90´s Norway in another aspect - 86%

Algiz88, February 26th, 2007

Old Funeral. Such a kvlt band. Many likes this band just because of the different line-up´s. The thing is that there is some very competent death metal to be found on this album. The riffs are technical without going to extremes and without loosing the listener. Allthrough the album there is a strong sense of catchiness and this is without becoming soft or over-melodic. Also the tempo is changed often enough to keep things fresh. To me the album sounds it best in the mid-paced parts where the "groove", in search for a better word, catches me. The faster parts sounds ok as well but it gets old very fast as the ideas for the fast songs seems to be weaker than the slow ones. The vocals are average and sounds more black metal than death metal. This is the only real weakness with the album. The vocals aren´t nearly as good as the music would need them to be but to me it works good enough for this recording.
The overall feeling is that this album was recorded by people who did not know what they wanted to do with their talents. As well all know they went on to form successful bands within black metal. This might have been a good steppingstone to take their own bands to the next level.

To finish up i would like to say: don´t buy this album because of the well-known members it held. Buy this album if you are interested in some solid early norse death metal that is both brutal and catchy. "Devoured Carcass" and "Abduction of Limbs" are both very competent death metal. Some of the other songs feels...not so neccesary to the album,