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What the fuck? Not what i expected. - 70%

Shadow0fDeath, August 1st, 2004

Recently i had listened to Old Funeral's Join the funeral procession. An EP released in 1999 by Hammerheart records. A label i have found to have released some great albums (Covenant - In times before the light, Internecine - The Book of Lambs, among many others) and this album was a dissapointment. It gets very boring and repetitive really fast. Basically a fucking blur between all three songs. Not much variety whatsoever. The growls were pretty sick though, remind a bit of holocausto's vocal style, a low and gutteral type of growl. I liked that. The guitars are a bit different though. A bit early death metal meets early black metal type of guitar work, but as i said it's very boring and pretty much a blur due to lack of variety. I was pretty dissapointed by this release.