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A solid release - 90%

coffinfodder666, September 27th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2007, Independent

Old Castle's Massacre is the first brutal death metal band in Sri Lanka. "Matricide" is the band's second and most recent release.

This two-track demo features an original and a cover of Six Feet Under's "Deathklaat". The listener is welcomed by a raw sound, reminiscent of the 90's death metal scene from Florida. The production is flawed and that, believe it or not adds to the overall charm of this release.

The title track is groovy, in your face and hellishly brutal. Hats off to the guitarist for coming up with some pretty epic riffs, these aren't the most complex riffs on earth but they sure pack a punch. The drumming I would say is one of the biggest highlights of this track. There is an abundance of blast beats, sprawling drum breaks and awe-inspiring cymbal work. Shalinda Perera's vocals are epic in every right. The vocals are guttural, well timed and delivered with sheer intensity. The bass work is not outstanding but works in tandem with the rest of the instruments to add to the overall atmosphere created.

The band's rendition of "Deathklaat" too is an eye opener. They have thankfully added their own spin to this track. I was left wondering if it actually sounded better than the original. The raw production values seem to set them apart and add to the authenticity of their sound.

It is indeed a shame that the band hasn't released any new material in over a decade. But if you like what you hear, you might want to check out some of their live performances online. This release is indeed a gem and it sets high standards for any other band that wishes to enter this genre in Sri Lanka.