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Great split between two nsbm hordes ! - 83%

Velimor, January 24th, 2008

Released on Glory To Hatred as a split Ohtar/Moontower, this mc contains unreleased songs from Ohtar and the Aryan Metal Terror demo of Moontower, well, half of it.

Ohtar side is excellent, this was recorded when they were at their top, and the quality of the songs are on-par with Deeps Woods EP.

First song on Ohtar side is Autumnal Depression, instrumental song in the vein of The Abyss part 1 and 2, after that you have one of the best song of they ever made, imo, Embraced By Sadness. This song is crushing, raw, emotional, devastating and feature some of the most hateful vocals I've ever heard. Excellent.

Moontower side contains 4 songs featured on the Aryan Metal Terror demo, so nothing new here if you already have the demo. It is pure Moontower in their early years, here they play nsbm, and a musical style that is far more interesting then what they are doing today. Emotions, grimness, bad production and evil as hell riffs is what you can expect from this side of the split.

Flaws are the lenght, which is too short, and the very bad production but considering it's material from the early years of these two bands, it's no big deal. If you are used to bad production in the vein of Drowning The Light, Moonblood demos, and other poor produced albums, you'll have no problem with it.

Overall a very good split mc, polish nsbm at finest, recommended for fans of raw black metal and ns material.