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Satanic whities! - 70%

Wolfgard, September 28th, 2003

This is the debut demo of the Polish black metal band Ohtar and there is one specific thing you should know. This demo has got only one problem and that's the production. It's simply said the most worse production I have heard in years. But on the other side this kind of production helps to create a really creepy feel. Next to that, the music is of good quality. It's 110% underground black metal so a bad production is a thing you can expect.

Ohtar combines National Socialism with Satanic wisdom, and to tell the truth I am not a National Socialist. I am against national socialism, but I do not really care about ns within this kind of music since the music is the most important factor.

The Black Metal is simple, straight in your face and direct. Especially the drums are real cool, because they're sounding like a gun. The riffs are raw and melancholic. The vocals are very extreme, high screams tell us about white supremacy and satanic rituals.

As a conclusion I can say that this demo is quite good. Absolutely not a masterpiece, and the production will ruin a lot of details, but I was astonished by the hate and pain within the music. It's not unique or something, but Ohtar has delivered a nice demo.