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Ogmias > Keltský hněv > Reviews
Ogmias - Keltský hněv


dragod, June 18th, 2004

WOW, this album is somethig amazing, it convines brutality with some war sounds, such as machine guns, bomb explosions etc, giving it an ambient style.

Only by the fact of being Czech, we can ashure it is a masterpiece, because Eclipse productions only releases the best of THE BEST, seen in case of: Algor, Arkona (cult to pagan metal), Immortal Hammer (R.I.P) Trollech etc...

This album has 15 short tracks, the introduction is very cool, it is just very hard to explain (my english is not that good) but it starts with some metal sounds and keyboards, and then, with no pauses, it gets to the next song, called DIE!!!, the title es VERY appropiate to this song, because in it you can feel the power of the drums, besides it gets you in a WWII ambient, besides they arent NSBM, they try to give that approach.

The drums are very fast, the guitars are very good, but in some parts they are not so easy to listen, but thats not a big problem.
The vocals are in Czech, a language that sounds very nice with black metal, this is because it is very harsh, so it is a very nice detail.

I would reccomend this cd for all true BM maniacs, the problem is that this release is very hard to get, so run and order it, believe me, you wont regret it.