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Peaking too early? - 100%

grimdoom, April 26th, 2007

The Netherlands have a habit of releasing talented Metal bands, specifically Doom/Doomdeath Metal bands; and Officium Triste is by far one of the best.

Reviewed here is Ne Vivam, the third release from these profits of DOOM, and it doesn’t disappoint. From start to finish the only flaw (assuming you consider it a flaw) would be the production, as it’s a little thin. This however adds a “raw” element to the music that might otherwise have been lost.

The mood goes from happy to depressive and back again while all in the same song. This is accomplished while never losing the integrity of the song that’s being played. All of the songs have this epic, melancholic feel to them that is incredibly appealing. The music is tight and executed flawlessly. The vocals are extremely unique; never will you hear a Death Metal vocalist that has this exact tone or delivery.

The guitars have the right amount of distortion and harmonize when appropriate. They more often then not follow the traditional lead/rhythm roles and even throw in a few solos from time to time. The bass plays its role of following the drums. The drums however are amazing, very precise and never over indulgent. The drummer is rather creative and yet seems to be holding back, giving only brief glimpses into his true potential.

This is perhaps the bands best release as the entire album is consistent. With their latter releases, typically only the first two or three songs are good while the rest seem to be filler (good filler, but filler none the less).

In conclusion, this album is worthy for any diehard Metal head to own, not just the Doominoids!