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A festering pile of rotting gore... - 86%

the16th6toothson, July 28th, 2008

Autopsy worshiping, putrid and rancid filth!

The guitar sound is a bit fucked and strange, the drums sound totally cheap, and the vocals retch, heave, splatter and sputter all over your ears. Brilliant trash, much like the movie Street Trash-how could you dare watch it, but how could you think of turning away!? Practically suffocating you with bottom of the barrel inhuman disgust. Charmingly grotesque and vehemently delicious!

''Swarming Maggot Feast'' is a surreal, lurching trance like haze, degenerate and deranged! Think the slowest, most sloppy Autopsy moment possible, only think of it recorded in a basement, with a moldy, moisture damaged portable 8 track... absolutely dripping with stale urine and decade old regrets.

''The Spew'' starts with... what else but a fellow vomiting (over and over...), it's horrid to endure, but what follows is almost as wretched, a short burst of barely contained aural terrorism, bleeding right into ''Cadaver Breath'' with a riff eerily similar to Benediction's ''Artefacted Religion'' before quickly slowing down into more vile Autopsy worship!

The atmosphere on this slab of sickness is perfect for those of us who often crave the depraved, forget all modern tendencies, this is murky, muddy, messy DeathMetal with no pretensions or expensive recording values.
It's savage, often slow and always sick... just totally infested with all things bad, evil and awful!

More of the same follows, track after track of nasty knuckle dragging, undead, maggot and pus infested nightmare inducting insanity. Mostly adhering to the slower Autopsy style, so expect more than just a few sludgy, doomy moments (''Your Funeral'' is beginning to end doom...)!

A Gut medley sneaks it's way in as well as an Autopsy medley (!!!) paying wonderful homage to the bands greatest influences (though this release tops anything Gut ever did with ease).

Recommended to those who as stated earlier, crave the depraved. Not recommended to those unprepared for total filth. This isn't just ''underground'''-this is ''been buried six feet deep for about 12 years and is now little more than putrefactive soup, bearing the stench of a thousand vomits and swarming with bloated worms'' underground.