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Offal - Macabre rampages and splatter savages - 90%

Phuling, May 27th, 2011

I’ve heard Offal in the past, but I couldn’t tell you which release it might’ve been, and about all I remember was that it was gory death metal. Well, this is their second fullength, and it doesn’t take a genius to realize it’s horror movie inspired with such brilliant artwork by Putrid. They actually even include a list of which movies the samples have been taken from (flicks like Zombie, Friday the 13th part 2, Suspiria etc.), so we know they’ve got the lyrical inspiration down. Elektrokutioner (Decrepitaph, Beyond Hell etc.) also contributes with a couple of lyrics, one of which just happens to be for what is probably the best song on here; Feast for the dead.

After the opening track, Offal (which is pretty much just an intro), is over the gory feast begins for real, and it does so with Feast for the dead. A magnificently gory old school death metal track, actually bringing contemporary partners in crime Bone Gnawer to mind. It’s not too fast, not too slow, the riffing is heavy-as-shit and in between verses a sweet and vicious guitar line pops up… About halfway into the track it takes off in a different direction, slowly and sludgy creeping forward with a magnificently eerie riff-work and just fucking marvelously doomy drumming. I’m mesmerized, unable to do anything by gape in awe of Offal’s brilliance.

I’d guess Impetigo is a heavy inspiration, just as hints of Autopsy rears it ugly face every once in a while. Imagine that sound with a chunk of goregrind in the ways of Gut and Dead, only a hundred times better than anything they’ve ever had to offer. The riffing bears a heavily sludging and chugging tempo, picking up pace when needed to and dwelling even deeper into the sludge pits of gore and excrements to create an even heavier sound. But among this there’s also plenty of melody in the ways of wicked guitar lines, and the vocals somehow manage to balance perfectly in between old school death metal and old school goregrind, where the main vocals is a deep and grunting growl courtesy of Lymphatic Phlegm’s André Luiz and bone-crushing back up screams by the guitarist Tersis. It is just oh-so-sweet in each and every department.

The great use of samples, the creepy melodies, the eerie atmosphere, the awesome artwork… Everything combined makes for just the greatest record of the style I’ve heard in a long, long time. Nothing else to say, you just have to look this up if you’re a fan of any of the previously mentioned acts, or pretty much any current and former act of Razorback Records’ roster.

Originally written for My Last Chapter