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Far-out BM / deep space / psychedelia here ... - 85%

NausikaDalazBlindaz, March 14th, 2016

You can always trust Rhinocervs to release the most brain-destroying, mind-melting recordings and this split featuring Tukaaria and Odz Manouk, both part of the Black Twilight Circle network of bands blending intense black metal, deep space ambience and psychedelia, upholds that trust. This split is not very long but what it lacks in length it makes up for in sheer sonic intensity, complex musical structures and an overall impression of deeply rooted and unfathomable black evil. In Odz Manouk's case, that evil is cold and calculating, and is definitely not something to be trifled with.

Tukaaria leads off with three songs of raw and deranged primitive black metal: all tracks feature dense echoing layers of rapid-fire multiple tremolo guitars, racing bass and machine-gun blast-beat drumming. For all their fury though, the songs are tight and very structured through several series of repeating riffs and rhythms. The bass tends to carry the melody while the guitars rage around it and the drums bang away relentlessly. The music's energy level is high and focused and carries right through Tukaaria's side. Sometimes there are catchy hooks and thumping beats but they never last very long as they are tossed aside by yet more dizzying and entrancing repeating riffs and driving percussion. The singing seems less anguished than on "Raw to the Rapine" and features a mix of blackened death metal growling and shrieking, and clean-toned chanting in the background that seems to float serenely above the dense entangled sonic blackness. The atmosphere can be hazy and bleached; on the third track "Memory of an Extinct Race" the band almost takes a breather in the middle with slower-paced tremolo guitar warble, and for a moment we feel the hot sultry ambience under a blazing acid sky. In spite of all the activity, the music can actually be quite blissful and trance-like.

When you think Tukaaria is as far-out extreme as black metal psychedelia can be, Odz Manouk comes roaring in with an absolutely massive and dense sound, super-deep, like a giant underground worm machine scrabbling furiously through tunnels. Beneath the grinding bass and pounding machine percussion, a corrosive vocal spits out acid poison and high-pitched lead guitar occasionally squeals in horror. Amazingly the band demonstrates a range of ambience in first track "The Scavenger", seguing smoothly from venomous aggression to evil majesty. Second track "The Sloth" opens as a slower, doomier piece with a spacious feel and for the most part cruises along with heavy country doom rhythms - but it has its moments of sudden spitfire spitefulness, in case listeners get too complacent. The track ends unexpectedly with an all-ambient deep space soundscape in which the full immensity of an uncaring universe bears down on you.

This split will leave you hanging out lost in deep black space with absolutely no hope of rescue or relief from the pain and anguish of isolation. After what you had to go through to be there, you may well think the risk was worth taking. Completely mind-expanding and soul-destroying stuff - oh let's have more, Rhinocervs, we're suckers for punishment ...