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Solid through and through. - 90%

Tricephalos, June 15th, 2008

At first glance Odious Mortem seems like your everyday cliché death metal band. But this is far from the truth.

When I began listening to Devouring the Prophecy, honestly, I wasn't blown away. But after two or threes songs it started to become evident that this was indeed a kick ass album. No rediculous solos or monster drum fills to be had here, just plain old brutal, powerful, fast, and relentless death metal. There's a constant barrage of blast beats and double bass that keeps the intensity flowing throughout the whole album. But as things slow down, or as a lead takes the stage, you don't feel any remorse from the brutality. Even without the fast tempo drums keeping things going you're still pounded with crushing guitar licks and extremely low, even almost grind influenced vocals.

But what sets Odious Mortem apart from other bands? Well yes, other bands maintain the same intensity that Odious Mortem acheives, but Odious Mortem does it with a level of technicality that is hard to find. The riffs are not only crushing and powerfull, but they offer a driving force that pushes the listener to stay tuned. The instrumental work is amazingly brutal without being too repetitive. The drum licks and guitar riffs stay fresh throughout the whole album, keeping the listener entertained.

This may not be a breakthrough album, but hell, it sure is a great one. I'd recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the genre. You won't
be disappointed, I promise.

Bleak And Somber Technicality - 100%

optimuszgrime, April 29th, 2008

The first and legendary Odious Mortem release. Expect a darker, heavier, more brutal death oriented sound then on their second album, but still it is the same band. while the emphasis is more on the guitars on their second offering, on this first one they go for the more typical style and try to overpower you with drums in the mix, which are thusly played flawlessly and with so much bite you have to buy a muzzle for this CD.

The entire album is pretty much without solo, with a few exceptions that are better described as leads than solos. The guitar work is like 300 times grimier than on the other album, and the bass is barely audible. The recording quality of the album is also grimier, but every time this band records something, they just end up making it sound perfect, whatever sound they were going for at the time. On ‘Cryptic Implosion’ it is a more Death oriented sound, here it is a more Pyaemia oriented sound. everything is mixed lower and is sort of hollow, but not in a bad way, or in a way that makes the music dead pan. It is quiet, but not one sided, bleak and somber, not grey.

The drumming is awesome, there is so much right hand cymbal work here that even Latin jazz drummers would get an earful, not to even mention the fact that those fucks do not even use double bass at all, while this guy brings the 32nd notes at 150 like it was his job….oh wait a sec, it is his job. The blast beats are usually not straight up but are augmented and nuanced to the point where they do not have the same effect even as your regular old blast beat. When it is straight up, it is a like listening to a generator humming, beautiful and energetic. Listen, I work with turbines, I go with what I hear, and generator hums make me feel the same way as this mans full on blasting. Beauty and power fine-tuned to a single rattling, constant and uninterrupted noise. The epitome of power.

The guitars are fairly low in the mix, especially compared to the super loud and colorful recording style on their second. However, this band has been and always will be dominated by its cruel and genius guitarists, whom also lay it down real heavy with the riffing here, and perhaps that is why this album sounds a little bit bleaker than the other, they focused on getting a good riffing sound, and not so much a good lead or solo sound. the bass sounds almost exactly the same as on the other one, except also bleaker. The guitars are still noticeably these guys, but they sound way different here.

All in all this is more of a brutal death metal album then their other full length, and they do this exceedingly well also. If you own the full length and not this, you are fucking yourself over.