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This may well be the best album I have - 100%

samoniac, June 15th, 2004

Like Katatonia, this is very emotional music and also stylewise fits perfectly between For Funerals to Come and Brave Murder Day. Maybe this album is the successor to Dance of the December Souls which name was supposed to be Moonbride and was to be released after FFtC. It had even the cover painting finished, which is one hell of a cover if you ask me. ;) Well, back to RWE. All the songs on Rain Without End are outstanding and it's impossible to pick one single favourite. This is not actually too similar to any Katatonia release, but maybe the closest one to compare is For Funerals to Come, although this is not as epic. There're even some hard rock refereces notable here. Not in a way that it would make the music ridiculous or anything, but in a way that makes it even more interesting.

In my book Rain Without End is one of the best albums I've heard along with Anahtema's Judgement, Katatonia's Brave Murder Day and Opeth's My Arms Your Hearse and many other. There's at least one thing common with each one of them, there's no such thing as a dull moment found in them. Each and every song is over the top and so is the case with RWE. Riff after riff they manage bring something new and refreshing and they all fit together very well. Flow on this album is excellent, although it may seem a little bumpy at first, since the mood variations are sometimes quite big.

All in all, this album is marvellous. The emotions we are dealing with this one are out of this world and that's the reason I love this so much. If Katatonia (pre Discouraged Ones) has touched your soul, I'm sure that this will too. Maybe even more - in my case it has. And if Katatonia is just another nice band to you, then chances are you won't find anything special here either. You should give it a try still.