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It was all painted Cold - 94%

ZeroNeo, June 28th, 2006

When the cd starts, your hearing is blasted with "12 days of rain". The music is slow and emotional. With guitar riffs that slide to your head and makes you think of treasured memories. The vocals of Jonas Renske(of "Katatonia") suit the music perfectly. Even though they sound very different from his vocals on Katatonia's "Dance of December Souls".

Any who, more about the music. The riffs are slow, but not that heavy compared to a lot of other doom/death bands. That is where the medolic sound of the band is caused. With riffs that drag your emotions around and passive drums that suit the slow riffs. The guitars are on the spot and the drums are put more in the back. Especially the bass drum is not heard very hard compared to the guitars and the vocals. This is a good way to make sure people concentrate on the guitars more and get dragged with the emotion in the music. Of course the vocals are a great part of why this cd is one of the best in my collection. Jonas has done it again, but sadly this was the last time he would ever preform harsh vocals again.

Anyone who is in love with doom metal and with Jonas his vocals should consider buying this cd. Its supreme and great to listen to at any moment in time. The music is perfect for the genre they play in. Hence a score of 94.

Highlight: All Painted Cold