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October Tide - demo tape (1995) - 95%

Unsilent_Storms, March 18th, 2005

This 2 song demo by October Tide features 2 songs. The first track is a rough sounding version of the amazing song “Blue Gallery”, which can be found on their first album “Rain without End”. Over all this rendition of “Blue Gallery” is pretty much the same version you find on the album, minor a few riffs and melodies. Then comes the track that is a gem, not found on any of the 2 October Tide Albums, this song is called “To Die from Strength”. The track could have easily made it onto “Rain Without End” but for some reason was left out. Expect the melancholic riffs and demonic growl, mid way through the song there is a beautiful interlude, a lovely guitar riff that slows the song down and brings the rythem back to a slower doomier sound. Why October Tide did not release any more albums is beyond me, definitely one of the great under rated and over looked bands in the history of depressing doom metal.