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Amazing Female-Fronted Goth! - 90%

mikeald, April 22nd, 2009

I just heard of this band since The Gathering announced that Silje Wergeland was to be the new lead singer of my favorite Dutch band. So I decided to buy Octavia Sperati’s first album to see what I was in for.

To my pleasant surprise, I found an amazing female-fronted Goth metal band. Note that this band is not your generic band such as Epica, Within Temptation, etc. The band members all play important roles on Winter Exposure. Here we have interesting guitar riffs/leads, catchy synth and piano leads, deep doomy bass, varied drums and multi range vocals. Unlike other bands of this genre, OS are not one of those bands who play generic music that just supply background noise for the lead singer. Scattered through out the album, we have atmospheric synth sections, tremolo guitars, spoken words, etc

Winter Exposure has traces of black metal, Goth metal, and doom metal. This album sounds very close to what The Gathering created ten years before this release. Like The Gathering, the songs on Winter Exposure take a while to get into...that’s a good thing. We have songs with lots of depth, not radio friendly Lacuna Coil songs. Songs like Hunting Eye at first may see overwhelming because of the strange vocal performance at the chorus. Few listens later, you will understand its not overwhelming at all but fits the music perfectly.

Songs such as Future Is and Lifelines of Depths are nice rockers. Imagine songs like Strange Machines and Fear the Sea off of The Gathering’s Mandylion. Atmospheric songs such as Hunting Eye, Wasted on the Living, Without Air (Before & After) have a symphonic black metal/doom metal vibe to them.

Artwork is also worth the purchase. Nice ice filled landscapes and pictures of the band…who are very attractive women btw. Also, the colour white is very dominant in the artwork which is a nice change from the typical black graced in most metal album art. Also, some of the boys from Enslaved have ties to this album. I’ll leave that for you to find out.