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Fucking BRILLIANT! - 100%

grimdoom, June 15th, 2008

Coming from out of nowhere this group comprised almost entirely of women managed to create one of the best Gothic/Doom Metal albums in many years. This to some isn't that impressive, to others on the other hand it is, especially considering it was their debut.

The production is sound and the musicianship is good. The guitars utilize a mixture of Doom, 70's Rock and Black Metal riffs into something highly original and incredibly unique. There are no solos but the leads are plentiful. There isn't much palm muting as the band have opted to use a more open chorded approach. The guitars also sound as though they are tuned to standard and if they are using only overdrive. They play off of each other and are very much rooted in the traditional lead and rhythm format.

The bass follows the guitars for the bulk of the recording only sometimes venturing out on her own. The drums are played by a male session musician and they are certainly getting their monies worth. He plays flawlessly throughout the entire album. He even floods in a few places as well. He adds even more depth to the already intense songs.

The keyboards are more in the background and used to add atmosphere and intros. For the most part there are no complaints here. The vocals are yet another unique aspect to this enigma. She doesn't sound trained in that she doesn't fly off the handle like the singers of 'After Forever' & 'Within Temptation'. She has a more average range and style somewhere between Christina Scabbia and Charlotte Wessels. She is a very passionate singer and you can feel her conviction in every note she sings.

The lyrics are about life and relationships and while not profound are considerably well written. The music is incredibly refreshing as it doesn't sound like your typical Gothic-whatever Metal. These women have REAL talent and some very fresh new ideas. There is an epic undertone to the sorrow within. The music is adventurous and intriguing. This is something that all Metallians should own.