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Chilling Doom... - 85%

Erin_Fox, October 28th, 2006

Overtly distant and haunting melodies grace this chillingly atmospheric album, which is no bolt from the blue, being that these eleven frostbitten tracks were inspired by the bitter winter of Norway, a country that is dually known for producing both harsh, unforgiving winters and highly talented metal musicians.

Octavia Sperati is no exception, for they have honed their musical craft well. One must look no further than “Lifelines Of Depths” in order to uncover this fact. Glistening with a compellingly frigid majesty, this song successfully captures the essence of the group in fantastic fashion, its epic natured chorus ringing vastly, showing that these songstresses are a musical force that is not to be taken lightly. Vocalist Silje emits ethereal tones that substantially enhance the group’s dark melodies on “Icebound”, a track that is a muscular blast of frostbitten doom that will resonate deeply with fans of Candlemass and My Dying Bride.

Grandiose in scope, “Hunting Eye” commands the listener’s attention with impassioned vocalization, massive rhythms and a sound measure of heartfelt harmony. Offering a layered sound with attention to dramatic tempo shifts, the music of “Winter Enclosure” is an overall agreeable affair for any who choose to indulge in tuneful doom metal, with the aforementioned “Lifelines Of Depths”, “Hunting Eye” and the progressively assembled “Below Zero” being the most conspicuous cuts. This album nevertheless, is not centered on commercial singles and is best taken as a complete body of work. As an overall effort,

“Winter Enclosure” is an extremely sound artistic statement that offers listeners an intrepid musical passage through the moods and emotions of the coldest of seasons with a glistening sonic brilliance.

From "Weapons Of Mass Destruction" by Erin Fox - with permission