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Vita Detestabilis - 70%

iamntbatman, June 10th, 2017

You could probably do a fair good job of guessing what this sounds like just from looking at it. There's a heap of naked chicks in some gray area between ecstasy and torture, one of them trying to embrace the viewer while decked out in a sweet satanic goat head version of that Donnie Darko rabbit mask. The logo looks like it was fingerpainted in blood by some barely-literate serial killer, and they've replaced one of the c's with a k so you know they don't fuck around at all. Yeah, this is 666-ton, super evil sludge, alright.

While the very best sludge bands are made on the backs of their riffs, there's still something of a "you must be this tall to ride" metric for even being worth listening to, and that's how good the guitars/bass sound. Despite being a no-label cheapo Bandcamp release, you'd be hard-pressed to find recordings that carry more sheer weight than this stuff - right up there with Conan and the like, with gargantuan bass that's just the right mix of air-filling fuzz and pounding clarity, wrapped in fifteen layers of half-dried concrete that is the guitar tone. The band finds that rare magic where, despite the depths plumbed by the guitar and bass, the drums still strike like aluminum bats that've been filled 4/5th's with mercury, leaving room for the weight to shift as they're swung at your guts.

So yeah, entry bar cleared, absolutely. So how 'bout dem riffs? Well, before I can fairly answer that question, I think a brief but important aside is needed: I've honestly been listening to much less of this sort of stuff in recent years, my attention more focused on more traditional styles sprinkled throughout a staple diet of black and death metal. So, it's somewhat hard to say whether the feeling that more often than not these riffs simply get the job done rather than grabbing the end of my small intestine and running with it is the result of the riffs being in the general ballpark of "decent" on the sludge spectrum, or if it's the style itself that just doesn't capture my ears in quite the same way as it once did. But, I'll pretend I'm a paragon of musical objectivity and claim the former: these riffs are just pretty good, not something that cleaves close to the Platonic form of sludgeness.

But hell, you know, this is only a demo. Only three tracks. Just a newish band that only had a total of six songs including this release. There's a proper album out since then, maybe with goods delivered in spades, but still for a three track demo the churning rockslide grooves, especially in the era where anyone can have the appearance of vague professionalism with a simple Bandcamp page, this is refreshing. Well, as refreshing as something can be after leaving you with lungs full of phlegm, blood and coal dust.