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Chilean onslaught - 70%

Mors_Gloria, October 30th, 2007

So, this is the debut album of the Chilean black metal outfit Occidens. And what has Chile given us? Sick black / death Metal in the vein Goat Semen and Goatpenis (with better vocals).

This debut is all way through hyperspeed black death metal all way through with fierce drumming, ferocious vocals, hyperfast guitars and an abundance of thrashy soloing. These are the ingredients of an album like this.

Occidens show some serious songwriting skills on that one. They have tight musicianship too. All the songs on this debut are tight as fuck. Bleeding Banners is the longest song of the album and it barely passes the 4 minutes mark.

Now I'll move into the point. This debut release has several drawbacks. I do not like the drums at all. Seriously, the hi-hats are just irritating. The blasts are ok but I cannot stand constant blasting. And this album is all about blasting. When the drums are not blasting though the music gets very interesting. I do not like the vocals either (with the only exception being "Extermination In Evidence"). Plus, the bass is not audible.

What makes this album above average is the guitar playing. Centurio knows how to play great solos and write good tremolo-picked riffs. For me, the guitars are the highlight of the album. The tracks taken from their demo days could easily be outside this debut (except the last one). They offer nothing at all.

Overal, this debut is the musical synonym of chaos. If you like hyperfast black / death metal you are going to love this one. If you, like me, do not like hyperfast black / death metal do not expect this release to change your mind. It is certainly entertaining but nothing thought-provoking and groundbreaking.

Occidens have the power to make themselves known in the Chilean scene. They are already known to some extent to my country's (Greece) bm scene as well. This debut has sold several copies in my country.

Highlights: Extermination In Evidence, Wrath of Blasphemy (this song has a great solo), Tyrants Warlust, Black Metal Armageddon (Demo Version)

Final Verdict:

Do you like hyperfast bm? Get it. - 70%

Savage - 87%

GuntherTheUndying, September 10th, 2007

I don’t consider myself a black metal guru, but I know a great band that follows the dark genre when I hear one. Hailing from the depths of Chile, Occidens firmly stands as a violent black metal act that follows the reigns of Blasphemy, Angelcorpse, and others with precise speed, poisonous shrieks, and an unmatched goal of pure destruction. One can expect a raw attack of brutal metal with such a collection of fierce attributes, and that’s exactly what Occidens’ “Glorification of the Antichrist” offers.

It’s an all-too-common reality to witness a metal band changing styles within just a few minutes, but Occidens is a bit different. Instead of ruining their forest with useless weeds, Occidens plants the only crop they need: bone-sawing black metal played at mind-numbing speeds. Occidens’ prime attack is firing constant gallops of speedy riffing over a series intense tremolo picks, with a cluster of insane solos launched in regular sessions. Additionally, Han Solo’s famous starship looks like a sluggish junker when the percussion buzzes buy at inhuman speed played at proper intervals. Expect an intense dosage of blastbeats, heavy cymbals, and some of the most insane fills you’ll ever hear; all of which is done at otherworldly paces.

Vocally, the use of high-pitched wails is applied to Occidens’ furious blackened assault almost flawlessly. Loud, aggressive tones of dark shrieking falls smoothly within the aerial bombardment of savage riffs and pounding percussion, but not without any occasional irritation factor. Some of the patterns are very predictable, and it can get a bit old hearing the same tone used again and again; however, this is really the only downside to a professional record. The lyrics are unquestionably stupid, but the crushing avalanche of hyper percussion and grinding riffs quickly rid the band’s mediocre poetry like a child standing against a moving tank.

Very seldom does a band like Occidens got for the throat in such a way, but let me tell you something: “Glorification of the Antichrist” is a driving rampage of furious cacophony and great instrumentation that grabs on and doesn’t let go. Occidens is not a band to take lightly; they aren’t some dopey black metal squad that strives for minimalism, but rather a group that focuses on intense brutality for the sake of kicking ass. This is a great CD that strides right for the jugular, and one you’ll certainly want if brutal metal has a place in your soul.

A short and brutal black assault - 88%

GVM, June 25th, 2007

This CD just entered my top 10 South American black metal albums. Nothing from that region compares to the simple ferociousness, speed and rawness of this album.

Starting off with "Glorification of the Antichrist", the material reveals itself in the form of insane drumming speed and technicality. This, along with the vocals, is the strong points throughout the entire album. Simply put - drumming and vocals totally kick Christian-ass. Indeed, the crucial components of this entire work.

The other positive monstrosity would be the devastating and thrashing guitars. They are basically primitive riffs spewed into the chaos of it all and exposing intricate and complex "melodies", after you notice the song is over. The shortness of the songs, in this case, is definitely a surprising note. All the action (a lot of it), is cramped into a very small time frame, so that usual descriptions of the genre itself, such as "atmospheric" do not apply here, what so ever (and we are all great full for that). Raw and densely intense, black metal could not be noted in a better manner

Finishing off with the weak part of the album: the lyrics. Not at all your intelligent and profound, but generic and bane lyrical theme. I can't say this surprises me, but I always hope for some originality in form and concept of the lyrics in black metal. Sometimes I get what I am looking for, but most of the times I just don't. I believe if this weak point were to improve, this album would get a smacking 100%, but the reality of this genre is far and grim, so that we all have to dwell on the music as much as humanly possible.

Notable track would be 1 through 8 (apparently 9 through 12 are songs from the demos, which are not bad either! In fact they shred just as well)