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Very, very impressive. - 100%

adrian5118, March 19th, 2008

Obtained Enslavement's Soulblight is their fifth release and first release on Napalm records. The album starts off with a nice build-up intro titled, "A Black Odyssey", as the track ends a drum fill and all hell breaks loose with Pest screeching along to the shredding guitars and sorrow-filled keyboard melody. You can immediately tell that this album is not as classically oriented, yet the guitar and drum work is much more complex and is the main focus of the album (instead of Witchcraft's classical mastery on the keyboard, specifically). The guitar focus is a nice change and another great direction that OE went, but that is not to say that the keyboards are say, crap, or gone; just simply that the keyboard is more of an atmospheric tool in this album than the debut. Anyway, on to how the members work together:

Pest's vocals are nothing but perfect, very high screaming, yet cleanly and sometimes more of a sorrowful high pitched yell and even some passages are sung.

The guitarist's hands fly around the fret board through the album creating some high speed madness with the blast beats to some sombre sounding melody with the keyboards. Some of the best riffs in metal are in this album.

The drums fit the album very well and are produced similar to the sound of Gorgoroth's "Antichrist", as a relevant comparison. Not too click-clackety, but still easily discernible. The drums and guitar flow flawlessly on this album; the only way it can be described as is magic (no, no pun intended, ha ha). The fills and stops in this album are great, and it can stress enough the importance of the guitar and drums (refer to "The Godless Lake") that makes this album absolutely stellar.

The keyboards on this album, while classically still inspired, are used in a more atmospheric manner when compared to their directness on Witchcraft. BUT! that is not to say they're devoid of purpose! The melodies that they play along with the guitars on this album are KILLER (refer to "The Dark Night of Souls").

Over all this album is a great find and I'm proud on myself for getting this and Witchcraft. You have no reason to not purchase their material now that all of it has just been reissued!