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Grim, Though Static And Incomplete - 70%

Derigin, June 1st, 2008

It should be said, first and foremost, that Obscuro isn't the typical garage black metal project. They don't fall into the trap that is common within the black metal scene; that is, the tendency to emulate a more idealized scene, (as is frequently attributed to the French black metal scene), and also the incompetent use of instruments, as well as vocals. As though growling in a raspy voice in the midst of poorly distorted scratchy guitars somehow produces music!

With that out of the way, however, it needs to be mentioned that the "När Mörkret Slukar Ljuset" demo is far from a great demo. While avoiding the aforementioned pitfalls, Obscuro is at fault for not going further in their ventures. It is not hard to overlook the forest within the trees. Brilliant guitar solos - albeit repetitive in tone and structure - remain in isolation the only elements of the songs that are focused. Dreariness is rampant within the drums and the vocals; both are near lethargically employed and so easily forgettable. Obscured by the more demanding and charismatic guitar and bass, it is not surprising to why they would be.

Amiss, also, are the similarities between the three songs in this demo. Placing to the side the changes in tempo and in rhythm, each song shares the same expected format: fast-paced distorted chords, augmented by slower, snide harsh vocals, that finally conclude suddenly in a fury of elongated notes. As much as consistency to a degree is important in a work - and is often ignored, if not downright rejected in other similar projects - I have reservations over the commonalities presented between the songs in this demo. For an exposition of skill, and an appreciation for a darker style, "När Mörkret Slukar Ljuset" does not achieve fully the potential that it had. More is noticeably absent, and that is a loss for this demo.

Even with these misgivings, Obscuro provides a grim atmosphere that is definitively characteristic of the style attempted. It is not superficial, and does not default to any cliché. This in mind, "När Mörkret Slukar Ljuset" has its imperfections. A disjointed ensemble of instruments and vocals, followed by a static performance, does not suggest that with this demo Obscuro has achieved justifiable notability. There is certainly potential in Obscuro, but to what degree? This demo does not provide an answer.