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Don't like black metal? Wait! try this... - 94%

Nuclearwast, January 31st, 2006

Alright, First I'm not an expert in black metal, but this was sort of good.
Obscurcis Romancia has an incredible balance between the mixte of all the instruments, and keep making constrast, that are yet, fast and aggressive.
But first, let me show you what I think about the music of the album.

Vocals: Not the usual black vocal, but mostly a very raucous and incredibly harsh voice. It also use a more typical death vocal, deep and guttural, more like suffocation or nile. Screams are frequent, some might say annoying or too repetitive, but I think they ain't: it will always bring the song to a new height of intensity, melting with the drum of the rest of the dark atmosphere of the songs. Lyrics are extremely morbid. Really :P
I give 90/100.

Drums: The blast beat are FAST!. Almost the speed of cryptopsy drummer id say.
Speed may not be everything, but really I think this guy own, he has some other good pattern too, but fast blast beat are his speciality and it has a huge importance in the album. 95/100.

Keyboard: Keyboard eh... Believe it or not, this guy own at keyboard&piano part.
synth keyboard are the soul of each song. If it doesn't play a haunting, etheral background melodie, It play an explosive, fast, piano lead. It really add something.

Guitars: Guitars Are better than the black metal standard. The rythm one have it's own style, fast , with a sort of tremolo effect. Acoustic break are good, short enough to keep the minding of the songs. Solo are...rare. There is a few, but this not the main strengh. Still, guitar is what I enjoy the most in metal , and Obscurcis was able to fufill this weakness. 85/100

Bass: You can hear it doing the intro of the 3rd song..don't ask me anything else...
Well I guess it does its job.. 80/100

Packed with and overwhelming amount of speed brutality, soft melodies, and dark feelings... A must.

Overall 94%

Obscurcis Romancia - Éponyme - 80%

Alkin, April 21st, 2004

Obscurcis Romancia is the first official album from the band bearing the same name. The band's only other opus being the demo named of "Le Règne Du Seigneur De Perdition" released in 2001. This short album starts of with a piano bit that is of sufficient length so that it is interesting and short enough so that it is not wearying. The 6 other tracks are characteristic of the new melodic black metal movement.

Right off the bat, I noticed a resemblance to Cradle of Filth. The sound is clear and powerful. The recording is excellent. There is nothing very original here, but there is a complete and effective sound. The songs are catchy and very well interpreted. The presentation of the album is very clean and professional. The sleeve is simple, sober and the lyrics are all accounted for.

The keyboards are well proportioned with the two guitars, which makes for very interesting melodies. With the energetic and diversified drums, the album remains poignant from beginning to end. The vocals made up mainly, if not entirely, of inspirations, somewhat annoyed me. However, I did get accustomed to them as I heard the album more and more. Finally, thanks to the excellent lyrics, written mainly in French, I ended up liking this aspect of romance's dark dimension.