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Another worthless Hypocrisy clone - 23%

GoatDoomOcculta, July 26th, 2007

I have no recollection of actually purchasing this album, but the CD case has a $5 price tag on the side of it, from a CD exchange store nearby. Unfortunately, that was about $4.50 more than this garbage is worth.

In an age where originality is harder to find than a worthwhile song on the radio, and useless clones of much more talented Scandinavian extreme music acts run rampant, I suppose I really shouldn't be as disappointed as I am with this album. I suppose I got my hopes up with the similarities between this album's title, and the phenomenon that is Diagnose: Lebensgefahr, and with the filth to be found on this CD, disappointment is to be expected if not embraced, no matter what one expects coming into the album.

As other listeners have mentioned, Obscurant's "Lifeform: Dead" is nothing more (but so much less) than a cheap Hypocrisy ripoff, right down to the pointless clean vocals and obnoxious attempt at sounding symphonic. Luukkainen's vocal talent has done nothing short of completely disappear since his regrettable (although after hearing this, perhaps "fortunate" would be a better word) departure from Alghazanth. Rare indeed are harsh vocals this generic and forced-sounding. Not an ounce of feeling is to be found here, no matter where one looks - certainly not in the aforementioned clean passages, which do nothing but bring the music down deeper into the hole it digs itself.

The drums are, surprisingly for a death metal act, slow beyond reason, but at least the man knows how to play his instrument. Not so, for "Rautio", the so-called guitarist. I've heard far better perfomances from live teenagers at local battle-of-the-bands-type affairs, and I'm not exaggerating. You can hear the man falling all over his instrument despite the fact that this is a studio album, and as a result, he had not only a soundboard on his side, but as many mulligans as he'd like. What he does try to play, however, is easily recognizeable as cheap knockoffs of every rehashed riff Hypocrisy has ever put out. The bass is not necessarily bad, so much as it is completely irrelevant and unnoticeable, and there is nothing to say about it, as a result.

All in all, Obscurant's debut is nothing more than garbage Hypocrisy worship. At best, it's an overly-accessible catchy piece of easy listening for the hard-of-hearing melo-death fan. Not recommended, at all.