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Bass player's TDM - 78%

stereo_typical213, August 26th, 2009

Obscura's 'Cosmogenesis' is one of those albums that takes a while to actually enjoy, because of it's extremely technical nature, but grows on you in due time. The first thing I noticed about this band was how good the bass player was. Holy shit, this guy is an absolute beast. Any death metal bassists out there need something to learn? Well this band is what you're looking for. Another thing I noticed was the sound of the bass, which is like nothing I’ve ever heard in death metal. (Except for Steve DiGiorgio on Death's 'Individual Thought Patterns') He plays a 6-stringed fretless bass that sounds outstanding, and really accentuates and differentiates itself from the music, which is cool and different, but adds to the cons of this album:

The bass is simply too audible, and even at times drowns the music out. (Maybe it's just like that because I’m a bass player..) Even during guitar solos, he continues to play extremely complicated baselines, which draw your attention away from the guitar solo, which is supposed to be the point of interest. The vocals are very standard death metal vocals, nothing to special. If you can actually delve into the music and just listen to the guitar, the riffs are great, but like I said before, the bass is to loud.

On the plus side, the musicianship in this album is great. Not your standard technical death metal album. There is alot of groove to it, and you can actually headbang at a steady rate with most of the riffs, but still contains an element of technicality, without taking anything away from the music.

Some great songs on this album include: Anticosmic Overload, Orbital Elements and Cosmogenesis. None of the song on this album are bad as such, but some seem to be filler tracks (which is expected on a band's 2nd album) Like I mentioned before, if you're a good bassplayer with fast fingers and need something to learn, this band is great, otherwise I don't imagine it phasing anyone else.