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What a romantic comedy would sound like as music - 20%

TheSunOfNothing, February 7th, 2010

If you ever watch TV it's likely you've seen or at least seen the commercial for a romantic comedy. You know they always have a particular formula that seems to be followed in every single movie? Well, such is the case with Obscura's newest effort, "Cosmogenesis". It's basically your everyday technical/melodic death metal album that lacks the majority of the elements typically used in death metal. These guys have released the EXACT same album you have heard so many other times by so many other much better bands, by taking elements from different bands and mixing them together.

They have Atheist's jazz influence, they have Decrepit Birth's brutal growls, they have Cynic's vocoder, they have Necrophagist's shredding guitar solos, they have In Flames's melodic guitar riffs, the bass is very high in the mix similar to Cryptopsy, etc. I don't listen to a lot of tech death so I can't paint a perfect picture for you, but this is basically the gyst of what they are doing. In addition, everything is very sloppily done, as if they only wrote this to show everyone how fucking awesome they are. The vocals are forced death growls and weak highs, and the guitar solos are just sweep picked passages without real purpose. While I usually appreciate the bassist being higher in the mix, here he is too high, to the point that he distracts from what is really going on. The song "Orbital Elements" reminds me of Primus at times because of this. The drums are nothing special, because it seems like EVERY tech death drummer is a fucking robot. He doesn't really shine at all here anyway.

Of the positive moments, I think think the opening song is pretty good, and the song "Incarnated" is moderate. I'll also admit the song "Choir of Spirits" has a pretty cool sounding solo. Beware of the tech moments like "Desolate Spheres" where the band pretends they are a real death metal band by doing fast and unmelodic riffage behind blast beats and growled vocals. It still sounds forced though, and by the annoying pinch harmonic riffage in "Infinite Rotation" you'll be ready to turn this off. After the instrumental track, "Orbital Elements" you'll realize that nothing after it is worth hearing really. Every song sounds the same exept for "Noospheres" which is a fucking stupid name for a stupid song.

Don't buy this. This album fucking sucks. Decrepit Birth is the way to go for good modern day tech death.