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Another Prog/Death Album Added to the Horde - 60%

Shirt_Guy, February 23rd, 2009

What we have here is the death metal version of progressive, which is basically progressive metal/rock with some lower-tuned guitars that have more distortion, harsh death metal vocals mostly in the mid-range and blast beating drums. Even the old hold-over from progressive going back to the 70’s are present, such as using a vocoder. The fretless bass also tends to soften the overall sound a little. Other than that, this is a collection of good old progressive standards of off-time jazzy runs and shows of technical prowess, albeit in a death metal setting.

Now with that whole description, it’s up to one to decide whether those are good qualities or bad. On one hand, "Cosmogensis" tends to flow very well with little to no choppiness (a problem many progressive bands have, but tastefully avoided here), and even has a few catchy points, but on the other hand there's lots of progressive out there, and lots of progressive death metal as well. Unfortunately the more bands and albums there are in a specific area of music, the less relevant all those bands become, leading many listeners back to the originators. As it stands, the more progressive death metal albums I hear, the more I’d like to go back to the old Death albums.

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