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Great Display of Musicianship - 95%

MetalHeadNorm, June 5th, 2009

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First things first: Cosmogenesis (2009) is a really cool CD. It has a really cosmic feeling to it all throughout the album, (Oh hey! Maybe that's where the name comes from.) and it definitely got 2009 off to a great start release-wise. Now, this is only Obscura's second full length, but it's great. What else could you expect from a band with top musicians? (Two people from Necrophagist, so you know this is going to be some technical stuff!)

“Anticosmic Overload” is a great start. The riffs are fast and really catchy, and the drumming is insane. Brutal death vocals are present, as well as... What's this awkward sound? Fretless bass? Now I know these guys are the real deal. I'm still getting over the uniqueness and coolness of this fretless bass, when all of the sudden I'm hit in the face by a killer guitar solo with some technical flair. Nice. Okay, I was impressed, so I gave the rest of the CD a listen...

“Choir of Spirits” is awesome. This song has a quite mystic introduction that is enhanced by the fretless bass really well. Then it picks up to a more brutal display of the band's abilities. The chorus is catchy, and the drumwork will keep your head banging. They also use some robot-esque vocals here which reminds me of Cynic a little bit, and that makes me happy. This solo kicks just as much ass as the guitar solo of the first song. “Universe Momentum” and “Incarnated” could have paragraphs about them too, but it's easier to just say that they are solid metal songs with a lot of awesome parts, especially at about a minute into “Universe Momentum”: it's brilliantly pulled off. “Orbital Elements” is my favorite track on here, and it's an instrumental. The instruments seems to have an eerie voice to them. The drumwork is tight and dead on. “Universe Momentum” has everything you could ever want from an instrumental song. The bass in this song is probably the most well used out of the entire album.

Of course, the rest of the CD feels complete and offers plenty of insane drumming, killer riffs and solos. The album starts off fast and technical, ventures to slow and melodic, shifts back and forth between those a bit with some progressive parts here and there, and finally concludes with “Centric Flow” It definitely doesn't feel like a 50 minute album, but it is. I guess great song writing and amazing musicianship does that. There isn't a single bad or uninteresting song on this album. The sound is pretty refreshing, and the music definitely has a lot of life to it, as opposed to some similar bands who would be technical for the sake of being technical. Obscura keeps their music emotional and engaging.

The only thing I could imagine people not liking about this release is the volume of the bass because sometimes it distracts from the direction of the songs. This is just a minor flaw, and it doesn't happen too often: about 95% of the album has near-flawless production. Cosmogenesis (2009) is a great album and I will definitely be looking forward to anything new these guys put out. I highly recommend giving this CD a good listen.