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Without doubt one of the best TDM Albums in 2009. - 90%

HS, April 2nd, 2009

The music on Obscura's "Cosmogenesis" can be described as surprisingly good mixture of Cynic, Death and Necrophagist. Most of the songs are pretty fast and technical, yet melodic and memorable. Imagine a more dynamic and less brutal version of Necrophagist plus melodies and some calm parts and you get the idea.

It takes quite some time to understand what's going on and how the songs are built up, but this album grows with every listen. The vocals are in the standard death metal style, like you would expect, and they are well done (but not extraordinary). Some people try to criticise the "lack of heaviness", or even claim that this band is not metal. That’s not true: In fact, this album is much faster, heavier and more metal than for example "Traced In Air" by Cynic. Just listen to the title track and then tell me that this is not metal. I mean, are we talking of the same band? Okay, it might not be as brutal as say Suffocation, but that's no issue, since sheer technicality, variety and a sense for *melodies* are the biggest strengths of Obscura. "The Anticosmic Overload", "Universe Momentum" and "Incarnated" are two songs that show the ability to create songs that are technical, melodic and kick ass at the same time. Especially "Incarnated" with its catchy riff is one of my favourites. "Orbital Elements" is not just the only instrumental on this album but also a really good one and another personal favourite. "Choir Of Spirits" and the title track both show the more brutal side of this band and are simply GREAT, like most of the other songs. Oh, and did I mention that the songs are full of shredding solos? Better not try to count them. Altogether there are only VERY few things that I don’t like about this album:

The bass is too loud and sometimes too complicated for its own good. I do understand that this is annoying for many. Less would have been more in this case. Besides, some parts of the songs fail to hold the listener's attention because they are either not memorable enough or too complicated. That's an important thing where they have to improve.

However, "Cosmogenesis" only has some minor flaws; but it's very good and highly recommendable nevertheless.